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3 Questions Homeowners Should Ask Buyers

When a buyer makes contact to purchase your home, how do you make sure it’s worth responding? Homes posted on Dwellory organically attract buyer interest over time, and qualifying each person with genuine interest and sufficient capital is essential for generating a sale. Here are the first 3 questions I ask buyers who express interest in my home.


Who are you?

Selling a home means opening your door to people you’ve never met. This can be intimidating to homeowners who are hesitant to share their private lives. To overcome this concern, ask each buyer who they are. If you like their response, continue the conversation. (If there’s something sketchy, gracefully back away.) Here’s an example…

My family and I live in the home, so we’re careful about who we invite in. Can you help me understand more about who you are?

Sure! Me, my wife, and our two children moved to town four years ago. I’m a sales manager at Acme Co. and my wife is a high school teacher. (You can find us on LinkedIn.) We’ve been renting a house in your neighborhood for the last year, and love the area so much, that we’re ready to buy.

What is your buying position?

It’s important to know if a potential buyer has the means to pay, and can purchase on your schedule. Cash buyers are best; they’re flexible, and the sale is not contingent on lender approval. Pre-qualified buyers are also great; they’ve done due diligence, and have a bank willing to finance. Here’s how to find out…

Thanks for your interest in my home. What is your buying position? Are you using bank financing, all cash, or something else?

[Buyer 1]
I have a loan pre-approved with XYZ Bank, and can close in as little as 30 days with no contingencies.

[Buyer 2]
I’m buying with cash, and would like to purchase in the next 6 months. Your home is the one I want, and I’m willing to wait until you’re ready to sell.

What can I tell you about the home?

You can learn a lot about what’s important to a buyer through the types of questions they ask. For example…

What else can I share with you about the home?

[Buyer 1]
Is there a bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor? My grandfather often stays over, and has trouble with stairs.

[Buyer 2]
What are the neighbors like? We’ve got small children and want to be in a family friendly community.

[Buyer 3]
Is the plumbing and electrical updated? We’re not interested in home improvements, and need a finished home.

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